A new room to

host family gatherings
relax in peace
dance to the classics
keep them entertained

every day of the year


Use your conservatory in all weather

We all know it – it’s the not-so-secret dirty little secret of owning a conservatory. They’re far too hot to sit in when it’s warm, and freezing when it’s cold. Not to mention the awful racket the rain makes in anything heavier than a drizzle. That rules out 90% of the year!

With an insulated conservatory roof from Climatized Conservatories you can finally reclaim this room as a comfortable spot in the house every day of the year. 


Save money on heating bills

Everyone knows heat rises, and in a standard conservatory that means it’s escaping straight through the ceiling. That’s hard-earned money spent on keeping pigeons’ feet warm. 

Energy costs are rising every year and that means it will only get more expensive to keep the space comfortable most of the year. An insulated conservatory roof reflects heat from your radiators or underfloor heating back into the room, helping your thermostat work less hard. You’ll notice the snow on your conservatory roof stops melting.

As a nice bonus you’ll be helping prevent global warming too. It’s a no-brainer!


Save time and money on installation

At Climatized Conservatories we’ve developed an efficient system that means we can offer our service at a lower price than all of our competitors. 

This doesn’t mean we’re using lower quality materials – quite the opposite in fact. We just don’t spend big bucks on TV advertising and pushy salesmen’s commission, so we pass those savings on to you!


A fresh new ceiling

Have you ever caught yourself staring at the yellowed, mucky ceiling in your conservatory and hoping for a fresh start? We offer a range of finishes that will uplift the rest of your interior, and the light colour means your room will stay just as bright as before – some even feel brighter! 

Are you ready to rescue your conservatory?

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